We transform inefficient ad-hoc activities into streamlined business processes, often creating a fast path through traditional organisational boundaries.   We carry out business process re-engineering to provide our clients with the most modern and efficient joined up business.

We have undertaken business process reengineering work for many organisations, including helping to gain user acceptance and involvement.   We:

  • Develop, reengineer, and document business processes.
  • Roll them out through staff engagement and training.
  • Incorporate business processes into computer work-flow systems.
  • Build business processes into bespoke computer applications.
  • Adapt machinery, vehicles, and buildings to embody new processes.

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Bespoke Technology

We have developed novel technology solutions, some of them patentable.   Business areas have included parcel operations from collection to delivery, reprocessing refrigerators, underground utilities, manufacturing, logistics, food vending, shelf stacking, and even commercial crab fishing.

Your business, however unique, may benefit from as yet undeveloped technology.   We can help you find an existing technology to benefit your business and help to develop and implement that technology.   Click the contact button to achieve your competitive advantage.

Information Technology

We have developed new system software, applications, and portals.   Our solutions run on personal devices to mainframe servers, in the UK, continental Europe, and world-wide, including for major technology players, and even incorporated into Apple's OSX operating system.   We can develop your unique IT solution too, start by clicking the contact button.

Case Studies