Companies periodically find that their existing financial and organisational structures are no longer serving them well.   Our assistance is beneficial in evaluating different organisational and financial models, and when a decision has been taken, helping the transition to new arrangements as seamlessly as possible.


Companies may find that their operating structure is too costly for the level of business that they are performing, and need to reduce their cost base and 'downsize'.   Outside help can provide objective advice, offload much of the emotional burden, and assist with outplacement and redundancy provision.   Let us help you to manage this well.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Our expertise is not with legal or financial aspects but with culture change and rapid functional integration of separate organisations and their systems.   We have played crucial roles in the acquisition and merger of small, medium, and large companies across Europe.   We are well placed to help you do the same; call us today.

Separations and Disposals

Our largest project required the separation and successful sale of a 'subsidiary' for £2.2b.   This necessitated splitting a fully integrated corporation into two separate divisions.   Whether large or small, it is important that the right people are involved in separation projects to maximise success; call us in today.

Restructuring for Turnaround or Company Rescue

If a turnaround is needed, onsite turnaround management will be more productive than relying solely on advice from specialists in accounting or law.   We understand the type of problems and organisational options that can face a business.   With the right support from the management team, we are best placed to carry out a successful company turnaround.   The first step in making this happen is to click the contact button.

Case Studies