Design Thinking

Design Thinking is the technique of creating a substantially new business model or business operation using design skills.   Assessing the entire customer experience, from first contact through to ongoing loyalty (or not) will reveal opportunities for fundamental redesign.   Designing a business around the needs of customers and other stakeholders produces world class companies.

Initially it may not be obvious that major improvements can be made by 'designing' a business, and a compelling business case can be difficult to make.   But where progressive management have used this technique, it is startling just how much competitive advantage is achieved.   See case studies below.   Ideation is one of the core skills used in Design Thinking.


Ideation is the generation of ideas.   We use talented ideators who are able to deconstruct an existing or proposed business model, objectively assessing the suitability of each facet and assumption.   They research the industry, related industries, appropriate technologies and the market to gain insights.   They then ideate a web of new ideas that can be built, with other ingredients, into a ground breaking and particularly effective enterprise where everyone, every activity, every asset, and every process is working together to provide the best customer experience in the most efficient and profitable way; a 'joined up business'.

Joined Up Business

"Joined Up Businesses outperform their rivals; in good times they grow up to ten times as quickly, and in difficult times many continue to expand as rivals contract."

But the new business model that emerges is worth nothing if it is not implemented.   Our skills in Business Transformation, including development of technology and systems, and project management provide you with a one stop shop to reinventing your business.

We help you achieve a fully Joined Up Business under challenging real-world constraints.

Business Process Re-engineering

If you are happy with your business model, but looking for efficiencies, Business Process Re-engineering is for you.   Re-engineering the Corporation promotes effective processes that run across traditional departmental boundaries.   Work-flow software can help to enable this approach for management and administrative tasks.   Our technical capability allows us to go much further and reengineer the mechanics of operations, including the design of production machines, buildings, vehicles, and new production methods.   That makes us your most capable business process re-engineering partner.

Case Studies