Project Management Success

For a project to be successfully delivered, you need a professional project manager who has:

  • training, enhanced by experience,
  • a full toolset & support,
  • and most importantly, the rare mindset for managing projects.

This is equally true for a set of projects (a programme).   We can provide a suitably equipped project manager for each of your projects, and a programme manager for each programme, all with impressive track records.

Organisational Maturity

Organisations with an excellent record of project delivery are 'project friendly'.   These organisations ensure that projects are properly resourced, including with staff time from the operational subject experts.   We can help prepare the way for projects by developing a project friendly culture, and setting realistic resource expectations.   Organisational cultures that embrace change improve their record of project delivery.

Project Office / Programme Office

We can establish or perhaps improve your Project Management Office (PMO) or programme management office, eg by improving reporting with our own practical flavour of Earned Value.

Case Studies