Case Study 9

Largest Outsourcing Deal in Europe

Outsourcing of a telecom giant's IT, worth £1.8billion.

We were contracted to provide the management of Programme and Applications outsourcing totalling £80m a year.   We developed a database for tracking the large number of spend authorisations, actual costs, reporting, etc.   Through intelligent negotiations with the supplier, we won back £8m.

Part of our role was to evaluate tenders from the supplier for each piece of work, guiding the supplier in the right direction to maximise the likelihood of success, and negotiating on price, features, and delivery.

Internally, we played an important part in regulating project and programme expenditure, evaluating each project and programme request, turning down those that:

  • Did not fit the business strategy.
  • Did not fit the technical strategy.
  • Provided insufficient benefit for the cost.
  • Had a poor likelihood of success.

These activities protected shareholder funds and ensured that strategic projects and programmes were efficiently delivered.

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