No company can do everything in-house.   Companies are increasingly concentrating on the core areas of their business where they create most value, and outsourcing other activities to specialist companies.   Of course, outsourcing is not always the answer; without the capability to effectively manage suppliers, companies can find themselves in difficulty.

We can help ensure that outsourcing works for you, whether you are considering a new outsource, or need to better manage an existing relationship.   When constructing a new outsource contract, it should first be drafted by those wishing to use and/or supply the service, then reviewed/improved by an outsourcing practitioner to prevent known operational issues from arising, and only then drafted by a lawyer.   To improve the performance of your outsource partner, or to reduce costs, we can assess the performance of a supplier against industry best practice, and their duty of care to their customer, as well as conformance with contract.   We can negotiate beyond the contract where the contract has become a limiting factor.

Negotiating Strategic Relationships

We have been managing outsource relationships from both the supplier and customer perspectives, with enviable results.   We understand the drivers on each side, and hence are in an excellent position to negotiate, and have won £millions through soft negotiations.   Our skill in negotiations can be used in other areas, such as acquisitions and disposals.

Outsource Rescue

Sometimes outsourcing does not deliver the anticipated gains, and creates new problems that can even threaten business viability.   We can help you to deal with the supplier effectively.   Changing suppliers at short notice has major legal, financial and logistical problems; if this is still the best route, we can manage it for you.

Case Studies